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Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay
MWRA Environmental Quality

MWRA monitors the water quality of Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay, measuring nutrients, pathogens, metals, organics, solids, pH, oil and grease, and toxicity. See the What's New page for the latest water quality information and reports.

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MWRA monitors in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays to assess the impacts of sewer system and treatment plant discharges. Watch underwater video.

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Nutrients, pathogens, dissolved oxygen, temperature & water clarity are measured in Boston Harbor and its tributary rivers.

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MWRA's NPDES discharge permit requires compliance reports on several measures of effluent quality and system maintenance. This is intended to control water pollution and ensure compliance with the federal Clean Water Act.

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In summer, bacteria counts are measured regularly at Wollaston, Carson, Constitution, Tenean and Pleasure Bay beaches.

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