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School Program - Water Quality Workshops
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


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Water Quality Workshop
07/30/2013 at
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Participation in a Water Quality Workshop is required for educators who wish to borrow MWRA water quality testing kits, which are available for loan at no cost.

MWRA conducts Water Quality Workshops for teachers in the MWRA service area twice per year: once during a school vacation week and once during the summer.

To sign up for the next workshop or for additional information, please e-mail Meg Tabacsko at  Pre-registration is required.

About the Water Quality Testing Kits

MWRA's water quality testing kits contain all of the necessary equipment needed to perform 8 different surface water tests (temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand, Nitrates, Total Dissolved Solids, Turbidity, and Total Coliform Bacteria).  This activity is geared toward students in grades 6 – 12.

The companion Water Quality Testing Manual contains background information, lesson ideas, procedures, data collection and recording forms, suggestions for interpreting the results, and extension ideas.

Train now and be ready to introduce your students to this exciting hands-on program next school year.


Meg Tabacsko, (617) 660-7975

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Updated June 28, 2013