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4-3-0 Slow Release Formula

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For use on lawns, shrubs, annuals, perennials and vegetable gardens

Brochure (PDF)

The Bay State Advantage

Enhances the beauty of your lawn, season after season.

Breaks down slowly to last longer.

Won't burn your lawn or plants.

Reduces the need for frequent watering.

Supplies iron and other micronutrients.

Bay State Fertilizer meets all state and federal standards for biosolids (sludge-derived) fertilizer, including the strictest limits on metals.


Bay State Fertilizer benefits lawns and gardens in several ways. Like compost, Bay State Fertilizer adds organic matter to the soil, helping to improve its texture and moisture-holding capacity. Unlike compost, however, Bay State Fertilizer is a significant source of nutrients and can be easily applied to lawns using conventional spreaders.

Bay State Fertilizer is purchased wholesale by golf courses and landscapers throughout New England and has been available locally through garden centers and nurseries since 1995. Many communities within the MWRA sewerage district use the fertilizer on their parks, athletic fields, and municipal landscaping.


How to Purchase Bay State Fertilizer

Please contact us for information on pricing.

Carl Pawlowski - MWRA,
551 South Street - Quincy, MA
(617) 773-4293


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Updated May 27, 2015

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Brochure (PDF)