Water Supply Citizens Advisory Committee

WSCAC Comment Letters

All documents are in Acrobat PDF format unless othewise noted.

October 7, 2019

Water Infrastructure Alliance: comments on MA Governor’s filed supplemental budget request (HB4067) that will help address the needs of water infrastructure systems

October 20, 2019

Massachusetts Rivers Alliance: comments on proposed changes to the changes in the interpretation and implementation of Section 401 of the Clean Water Act (CWA) as proposed by the U.S. EPA


March 23, 2018

Comments on Proposed Changes to the Water Conservation Standards


March 7, 2018

EPA Lead and Copper Rule Revisions


October 20, 2017

Public Comment on the Division of Water Supply Protection: 2017 Draft Land Management Plan

Quabbin Public Access Plan Update


January 4, 2017

Revisions to the MA Drought Management Plan


December 23, 2016

Proposed Revisions to the Interbasin Transfer Act


March 14, 2016

Letter to DCR Commissioner Roy about Endangered Timber Rattlesnakes at Quabbin


January 29, 2016

Comments to DCR Commissioner Roy on Mountain Biking in the Ware River Watershed


January 22, 2016

Brice-Lemon Estate Comments


July 29, 2015

Re: MARTB Request to Allow Single-Track Mountain Biking on Ware River Watershed Lands


July 20, 2015

Re: DCR Division of Watershed Protection's FY'16 Watershed Forestry Lots