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Management and use of a long-term water quality monitoring database for Boston Harbor and Massachusetts Bay

Suh Yuen Liang, Doug Hersh, Wendy Leo, Environmental Quality Department, Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Figure 1. Courtesy of Battelle Ocean Sciences, Duxbury, MA.

Figure 5a. Subramaniam A.†, C. Hunt‡, and M. Mickelson§. (in preparation) Temporal and spatial variability of satellite derived chlorophyll in Massachusetts Bay. † University of Maryland, College Park. ‡ Battelle Ocean Sciences. § MWRA.

Figure 5b. Sensor Intercomparison and Merger for Biological and Interdisciplinary Oceanic Studies, NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD.

Figure 6. Morrison A.M.†, K. Coughlin†‡, J.P. Shine†, B.A. Coull†, A.C. Rex‡ (in press) Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) curve analysis of beach water quality indicator variables. Applied Environmental Microbiology. † Harvard University. ‡ MWRA.

Figure 7. Houseman, E.A., B.A. Coull, L.M. Ryan, and Shine J.P. (in preparation) Pathogen count in Boston Harbor: a case study. Harvard University.

Figure 8. Tucker J. †, A. Giblin†, B. Howes‡, and C. Hopkinson†, 2003. Inter-annual variation in Massachusetts Bay: tantalizing linkages and monitoring lessons. Estuarine Research Federation, September 14018, Seattle, WA. †Marine Biological Laboratory. ‡ University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.

Figure 9a. Jiang M., M. Zhou and G T. Wallace, 2003. Seasonal and inter-annual variability of the Massachusetts Bay ecosystem: A modeling and observation study. NEERS/SNECAFS joint meeting, Fairhaven, MA. University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Figure 9b. HydroQual, 2003. Bays Eutrophication Model (BEM): Model Verification for the Period 1998-1999. Boston: Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. Report 2003-03. 318 p.

Figure 10a. Tsay† S., Y. Kinfu†, D. Brocard†, L. Marx‡, W. Leo‡, 2003. Modeling wet weather impacts to Boston’s Charles River. Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference, Los Angeles, CA. † Metcalf and Eddy. ‡ MWRA.

Figure 10b. Metcalf and Eddy. 2003. Draft report on development and calibration of the lower Charles River water quality model.

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