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Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

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MWRA’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) outlines planned spending for infrastructure rehabilitation and improvements necessary to protect public health, improve service delivery to customer communities, and fulfill obligations to meet environmental mandates.


MWRA's Proposed FY 2019
Captial Improvement Program (CIP)
Executive Summary
Entire Document
Wastewater Improvements Section
Waterworks Improvements Section
Business and Operations Support Section
Appendix 1: Project Budget Summaries and Detail of Changes
Appendix 2: Expenditure Forecast Report with Planned NTP and SC Dates
Appendix 3: New Capital Projects Added During the FY19 Proposed CIP
Appendix 4: Overview of the FY19 Proposed CIP and Changes from the FY18 Final CIP
Appendix 5: Master Plan/CIP Status
Appendix 6: Project Status Overview
Appendix 7: Municipality and Project Reference by Municipality
Appendix 8: Municipality and Project Reference by Project
Appendix 9: MWRA Completed Projects
Appendix 10: Expected Useful Life of
Capital Projects

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Updated February 13, 2018